For Vape Shop Owners an RSS feed is Necessary for Marketing

  ChurnMag is a magazine for the vaping or box mod industry and they cover the entire segment. They have an RSS feed that allows you, the fan of vaping or box mod devices and information, to subscribe to our feed and stay up to date on the latest news, products, and developments within the vaping world. An […]

Update: Google News to Deprecate Old RSS Feed URLs

  On December 1st of 2017, Google News chose to depreciate to the old RSS URL feeds. This means anyone in possession of a subscription to the Google News RSS feeds from approximately a year ago must look through all their subscriptions because they need to be updated. According to a spokesperson from Google who […]

5 Quick Tips For Your WordPress RSS Feed

  Your WordPress RSS feed allows your readers to subscribe to your content. But turning readers into subscribers is often a challenge. One way to improve your subscription rate is by optimizing your RSS feed. Here are five tips to get you started. 1. Summarize the Content When configuring your RSS feed, you have the […]

Use These RSS Life Hacks

  Social media does not deliver accurate news, is not organized and nor tailored to an individual’s needs. RSS, or Really Simple Syndication is better technology, organized and efficient. RSS has a functionality similar to a digital newspaper. RSS takes web content and provides organization and delivery without the need to go to a website. […]

RSS Just Better WP Plugin

Downloadable at: It displays a list of RSS/Atom feed items given the feed URL and (optional) no. of items, keyword(s), cache refresh frequency. Customizable look & feel.  It works as both widget and shortcode. Compatible with RSS vers. 0.91, 0.92 and 2.0 & Atom 1.0. Description It displays a list of items from a given feed […]