ChurnMag is a magazine for the vaping or box mod industry and they cover the entire segment. They have an RSS feed that allows you, the fan of vaping or box mod devices and information, to subscribe to our feed and stay up to date on the latest news, products, and developments within the vaping world.

An RSS feed is a way to receive updates about their magazine and the updates they have made to our website and our blog and news areas. RSS feed technology is added to a website and then someone who subscribes to that feed on other ends also installs a bit of tech so they can receive updates from the website from which they have subscribed. It means you can automatically receive updates and information about to stay up to date on the world of vaping or box mod information.

Their site provides news and information for the popular vaping and box mod industry. Vaping continues to grow and they do what we can to stay on top of the news, technology, deals, sales and information available in this area. If you want to stay on the cutting edge of vaping and box mod information you should consider subscribing to our RSS feed to get updates sent right to your desktop.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, which means you can easily syndicate information to customers online and have a kind of turnkey marketing tool at your fingertips. An RSS tool helps you to interact with customers, striking up a conversation about new products and news affecting them as vapers.

Feedly is probably the most used RSS tools for websites these days. Some others out there have named like Panda, Feedbin, Newsblur, Inforeader and more. Consider and compare all options.

Peyton Pearson