On December 1st of 2017, Google News chose to depreciate to the old RSS URL feeds. This means anyone in possession of a subscription to the Google News RSS feeds from approximately a year ago must look through all their subscriptions because they need to be updated. According to a spokesperson from Google who spoke to Search Engine Land, the improvements they are currently making are considered necessary regarding their system powering their RSS feeds. This update has caused direct changes in the pattern for the Google News RSS URL.

For any individual who requires updating of their RSS feeds, the https://news.google.com site must be visited. From there, the person can choose which section they need to create, or even create a custom section. At the bottom of the page for the section, the RSS can be clicked in order to make the feed appear. To obtain the new URL available for the RSS feed, simply copy the URL from within the address bar.

According to what Google has explained, after December 1st of 2017 has passed the old URL will not be able to function effectively. Many believe the truth of the situation is that the old URL’s and RSS feed are broken beyond any possibility of repair. This has occurred just a month prior to the deadline of December 1st.

Google is maintaining they are changing their feeds to a new system but will have the old feeds back up and running properly again. Google has gotten the old feeds back up, but unfortunately, they now appear to be completely irrelevant. There are stories present on the old feeds with no relevant significance to any keywords located in the subscribers feed subscriptions. It is unclear if Google is planning to fix the old RSS feed URLs, or if they simply plan on their searchers having to update to the new URLs.

The sad part is Google most likely has the ability to redirect the patterns of the old RSS feed URL’s to the pattern for the new RSS feed URLs for the ease of their users. For some reason that remains unclear, Google did not choose to use this approach.

Peyton Pearson